What are the advantages of Hypersonic weapons?

Hypersonic weapons are the current high-tech field of fierce competition, in this game Russia and other countries have been in the lead, starting early but lazy The United States was left behind, and now the United States is desperately chasing. As it turns out, hypersonic weapons are definitely not a gimmick advocated by Russia, but the general direction of future weapons and equipment development, who is behind in this field will be beaten.

According to CNBC, Russia and China lead in hypersonic weapon development, trailed by the United States, India. France and Australia may also be pursuing the technology.

Currently, India has Shaurya hypersonic missile which can travel at Mach 7.5 with a range of 1900km. Shaurya missile is a canister launched hypersonic surface-to-surface tactical missile developed by the Indian Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) for use by the Indian Armed Forces.

Shaurya missile
Shaurya missile


How far can you fly in 30 minutes?

The above image can be said to be very intuitive, the above image is the different types of aircraft 30 minutes can cover the distance, red is The HTV-2 hypersonic aircraft, pink is SR-71 “Blackbird” supersonic reconnaissance aircraft, purple is f-35 fighter aircraft, blue is the ordinary civil airliner. It can be seen that 30 minutes after taking off from Washington, D.C., a normal airliner can only fly to Cleveland, Ohio (about 500 kilometers apart), F-35 fighter jets can fly to Memphis, Tennessee (about 1,200 kilometers apart), and 3 Mach SR-71 “Blackbird” reconnaissance aircraft can fly to Wichita, Kansas (about 1800 km apart), and fly to Mach 5 HTV-2 supersonic aircraft. In 30 minutes, it will reach Micronesia in the Western Pacific, about 12,400 km from Washington state.

Anti-aircraft missiles can not catch up with the SR-71 “Blackbird” reconnaissance aircraft, even the supersonic weapon’s tail flame can not be seen.

There is no doubt that until the 1970s and 1980s, it was possible to ignore other countries’ air defence systems, such as the SR-71 Blackbird supersonic reconnaissance aircraft, which were detected at will in the no-man’s land, and in front of hypersonic aircraft such as HTV-2, it was like a tractor in a V8 sports car. The fastest supersonic aircraft is now capable of travelling the world in 60 minutes. This capability is more attractive than the U.S. military’s previously claimed 24-hour fast-globe global strike capability in any corner of the globe, the U.S. military’s 24-hour operation around the world relies heavily on military bases around the world, without overseas military bases support, the U.S. military is difficult to achieve a 24-hour global strike, but in the hypersonic weapons era, even if it is a dual inland country, as long as it has a large range of delivery vehicles and hypersonic weapons, can hit any corner of the globe, this is a high-speed weapon.

Compared to the faster intercontinental strategic ballistic missile, hypersonic weapons have the advantage of flying altitude, flying posture and unpowered flight distance, which is an advantage that an intercontinental ballistic missile warhead does not have, which can significantly increase the suddenness of long-range strikes, thereby increasing the success rate of long-range strikes, when intercontinental strategic ballistic missiles and hypersonic vehicles combine, that is the nightmare of all anti-aircraft anti-missile systems.

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