What does the top secret Israeli base contain?

Recently the Israel Defense Forces accidentally revealed some of its top secret bases, The detailed maps showed the exact boundaries of Israel Air Force and Military Intelligence bases as well as their names

Images of Israel’s secret bases were revealed by the Israeli Self-Defense Force’s Rear Command when it was unintentionally posting classified information on the website.

What was posted indicated the exact location of most bases in Israel, including those that the Israeli military often keeps secret. Immediately after that, the Rear Command immediately removed confidential information from the map after it was revealed.

Map that reveal secret Israeli military base.
Map that reveals secret Israeli military base.

The map was posted to the National Emergency Portal site as part of the command’s involvement in the state’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic. The map showed not only COVID-19 testing centers in residential communities across the country, but also, until the additional information was removed, IDF facilities including bases of the Israel Air Force and of Military Intelligence.

In the exposed bases, experts especially pay attention to the Sdot Ha’ela base – which is believed by experts to be a place that contains many mysteries about Israel’s nuclear arsenal.

According to leaked information, the 11th mysterious airbase is named Sdot Ha’ela, led by a character known as Colonel Binyamin. It is not too surprising that Israel, a regional military power, maintains a secret military base.

Israel probably wants to conceal more secrecy than any other nation’s armed forces. The irony is that Israel’s greatest military secret from the 70s of the last century has leaked, revealing to the world that Tel Aviv possesses nuclear weapons.

Tel Aviv began research on nuclear weapons in the late 40s of the last century. At that time, Israel viewed nuclear weapons as potentially durable lifeline. So this Jewish state received support from France, Great Britain and the United States.

Accordingly, Colin Powell, the former US secretary of state, said Israel has about 200 nuclear weapons, all aimed at Tehran. These weapons are mostly located at Sdot Ha’ela. The special thing is that in an email of the newly leaked US Democratic Party, posted on the website DCLeaks.com recently also revealed some confidential information about this base.

Specifically, in an email exchanging with donors and Democrat Jeffrey Leeds, Powell revealed about Israel’s huge arsenal while discussing Israel’s prime minister’s speech, Benjamin Netanyahu involved in a nuclear deal with Iran.

Mr Powell said that Iran will never use nuclear weapons, while Israel owns hundreds, and the US owns thousands of nuclear weapons.

In addition, the former US Secretary of State confirmed that Iran will not use an atomic bomb, even with it because “the boys in Tehran know that Israel has 200, all aimed at Tehran and US have thousands. (nuclear weapons) “.

The fact that Israel has never publicly confirmed that it possesses nuclear weapons, although a secret exists that Israel is a very well-armed country. To prove this, experts have given many convincing evidence that Tel-Aviv has many of these destructive weapons.

According to the Russian monthly “Top Secret” in June 2015, despite domestic opposition, in 1960, the nuclear reactor in Sorek of Israel began to operate.

Before the Six-Day War (1967), Israel had several atomic bombs, and in the early 1970s, Israel built about 10 atomic bombs per year, each with a destructive power of 130 to 260. kiloton (10 times more than the US bomb dropped on Hirosima).

According to some other sources, since the spring of 1967 Israel has been planning an underground nuclear detonation to overwhelm the face and cool the hotheads among Arab leaders.

The world officially knew about the possibility of Israel having a nuclear weapon in 1985, when a former employee of the Nuclear Reactor next to Dimon named Mordehai Vanunu, outraged at being fired, photographed the reactor. and tell Columbia reporter Oscar Gerrero what the “textile factory” is producing.

But according to some other sources, the Americans knew about this much earlier. In 1963, a new government of Israel was formed and the new Prime Minister, Levy Eshkol, strongly disapproved of the nuclear ambitions of S.Peres (former President of Israel).

In addition, the President of the United States at that time, J. Kennedy himself was aware of the program and expressed his concern to the new government of Israel. In 2008, former President Jimmy Carter estimated Israel had about 150 warheads. By 2014, Mr. Carter gave the number 300 based on calculations of the country’s arsenal in the period 2008-2014.

Meanwhile, the Iranian side said that Israel owns up to 400 nuclear warheads. So far, Israel has only admitted the existence of 10 air bases, but the document has just been published on the Israeli military’s official website unknowingly revealing the 11th base. This hidden name was Sdot Ha’ela, commanded by Colonel Binyamin.

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