What “equipments” will Ukraine get in the upcoming $1 billion aid package from the United States?

Reuters news agency has recently said that the upcoming US aid package to Ukraine will be worth up to $1 billion, and is the largest aid package given by Washington to Kiev.

According to Reuters news agency, the administration of President Joe Biden has confirmed that the next aid package sent by the country to Ukraine will be worth $ 1 billion.

This will be the most valuable aid package from the US to Ukraine since Russia started a special military operation at the end of February 2022 until now.

This aid package worth 1 billion USD has brought the total amount and aid from Washington to Kiev to 8.8 billion USD. This is only aid from the US alone, not counting aid from other NATO countries for Ukraine.

However, there are sources that say that Joe Biden’s administration has not yet decided to sign off on this large-scale aid package, due to concerns that it could change the nature and scale of the conflict in Ukraine.

If approved, this $1 billion aid package will include more numbers of HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems , NASAMS air defense missiles and 50 M113 armoured ambulances.

HIMARS is the most modern multiple launch rocket artillery system that is being used currently in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, it is completely superior to similar Russian MBRLS, creating certain advantages for the Ukrainian army on the battlefield.

Meanwhile, the NASAMS air defense systems are said to “change the battlefield scenario” in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, providing Kiev with superior air defense capabilities.

It is worth mentioning that the Russian Air Force has not really mastered the Ukrainian airspace and is constantly suffering from shoulder-fired missile systems.

If NASAMS is brought into the warzone, then surely the aircrafts of the Russian Aerospace Forces will face many difficulties in combat in Ukrainian airspace, even the Russian casualties may start skyrocketing.

Also, the armoured ambulance M113 which is also included in this billion dollar package, this ambulance is modified from the antiquated M113 armored personnel carrier, which was used by the US when participating in the war in Vietnam.

However, it is not excluded that Ukraine will convert these armored ambulances into combat vehicles, to make up for the shortage of armored vehicles.

According to information posted by the US Department of Defense last week, Ukraine has been “approved”, to send wounded soldiers to US military hospitals located in Germany for treatment.

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