What is the difference between Frigate and Destroyer ?

For the modern human navy, determining the type of ship is a technical task. For example, we all know how to define a frigate and a destroyer, what is the difference between them? For many people, this question is unclear.

Today we will look at this problem

First, let us look at the definition of frigate and destroyer. As the name implies, the frigate must be used for escort, and the destroyer is used for expulsion. This concept first appeared before the First World War. At that time, the British and German navies were the most powerful of the European navies. In the era of hardships and guns, the main type of warship was battleship, not the current aircraft carrier.

INS kolkata destroyer of Indian navy
INS Kolkata destroyer of the Indian navy

With the advent of battleships, frigates were born. The main task of the frigate was to escort the warship. The task of the destroyer at that time was to protect the warship and to drive the small torpedo boats that were harassed by the warship. This is the definition of “escort” and “deportation”. But now, with the development of naval capital ships from battleships to aircraft carriers, the tasks and definitions of frigates and destroyers have begun to quietly change.

US navy Guided missile destroyer
US navy Guided missile destroyer

Before ship-based missiles began to be equipped, the warships of the human navy were actually quite distinguishable. The caliber and quantity of naval guns can be determined from the tonnage of the ship. However, the weapon systems deployed by destroyers and frigates in the modern navy have begun to converge, and the boundaries between them have become increasingly blurred. This is the development trend of the modern navy. If there is a need to define it, it is that the frigate pays more attention to the protection of the aircraft carrier, and is responsible for multiple tasks such as air defense, anti-submarine, and anti-mine, and comprehensively protects the safety of the aircraft carrier. The destroyer is mainly attacking, and the overall combat effectiveness is stronger. It can expel incoming fighters and foreign warships, and has a certain individual combat capability.

Indian Navy Frigates
Indian Navy Frigates

In terms of equipment level and tonnage, destroyers are superior to frigates of the same class. Especially in the performance of shipborne radars and missiles, there is still a big gap.

But abroad, the definition of destroyer and frigate has been ignored. For example, France and Italy jointly developed a warship called “FREMM”. France and Italy have a displacement of 5750 tons and are equipped with different weapon systems and electronic equipment according to their needs. But there is a big deviation in naming. France was named “Aquitaine” class destroyer, and Italy was named “Bergamini” class frigate.

Currently Indian Navy has 10 Destroyer and 13 frigates in their inventory 

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