What is the performance of the original Type 052E destroyer? Will there be mass production in the future?

For us, an aircraft carrier is the strongest embodiment of a country’s national defense capabilities, but in actual naval equipment, destroyers are also a manifestation of a country’s national defense capabilities. 

In recent years the rapid growth of Chinese ships has left a deep impression on people, among which 052D has become a well-known large destroyer.

 At the same time, the rumors of the 052E destroyer have gradually increased, so what is the performance of the 052E, can it surpass the 052D, and will it be mass-produced in the future? Today we will talk about this topic.

Currently, 052E is the code name of the guided missile destroyer. Although this news originated from the Internet, careful netizens still dig deep from this “E.”

You must know that weapons with the letter “E” are generally exported weapon products. , For example, the Zhi-19E armed helicopter and the 071E amphibious dock landing ship that we are familiar with are all products sold overseas.

Many people say that 052E is an enhanced version of 054B, but there is still a big difference between the two. You must know that the 054B frigate is very adaptable, but if you want to continue to upgrade as a whole in the future, no matter in terms of functionality or competitiveness. In other words, the 052E has even greater advantages.

The overall design of the 052E guided missile destroyer has elongated the flight deck and the length of the destroyer. The advantage of this is that the height of the Hongqi-10 ship-to-air missile has been increased, and the height of the helicopter hangar has also been reduced. 

It is worth noting that it can accommodate larger Ka-28 anti-submarine helicopters after the hangar is heightened. You must know that if the famous 052D guided missile destroyer wants to add Ka-28 anti-submarine helicopters, it needs to increase the height of the hangar, but it was in the process of transformation.

 In the middle, the engineer found that heightening the hangar would affect the firing range of the Hongqi-10 ship-to-air missile and have an even greater impact on the center of gravity of the destroyer itself. The design of the 052E is based on the 052D Reflect on the pain points and make improvements.

It is worth noting that the redesign of the helicopter hangar and deck of the 052E guided missile destroyer is actually to prepare for the deployment of the Zhi-20 helicopter in the future, and the Zhi-20 anti-submarine helicopter, as a trump card of the guided missile destroyer, is also to a certain extent. The performance of 052E has been improved, and the anti-submarine capability has been improved to a higher level.

After talking about the advantages, let’slet’s talk about the disadvantages.

The unsatisfactory part of the 052E guided missile destroyer is mainly in the number of vertical launches. The 64 units of the 052D are still used. This number of units may be enough for an ordinary destroyer, but our country already has three ships. As a country with an aircraft carrier, as a guided missile destroyer guarding the aircraft carrier’s air defense circle, 64 units are not enough.

However, recent news on the Internet shows that the 052E adopted the same “one pit and four bombs” technology as the 055 destroyers. If this technology is applied to the 052E, then the air defense capability of the 052E guided missile destroyer can be said to be able to protect the aircraft carrier. 

It is still sufficient, but the news is unclear, so here is a discussion. Many people have already mentioned the topic of the 052E guided missile destroyer being able to be manufactured in large quantities. However, judging from the recent information, the current Chinese navy is actually more inclined to the large destroyer 055. 

After all, the “10,000-ton large drive” ability is not comparable to that of a destroyer like 052E. The 10,000-ton large destroyer is also the most suitable warship for performing missions in the ocean or matching a flexible special service fleet.

In the current series of destroyers of the Chinese navy, 052D, and 052DL have been mass-produced, and 052E is unlikely to be mass-produced due to its own positioning. However, this does not mean that 052E has lost its unique capabilities. In the future naval battle and anti-submarine process, 052E can become a more practical destroyer.

The 052E guided missile destroyer’s own positioning is relatively similar to the U.S. Navy’s Arleigh Burke-class destroyer, both of which are about 7000-8000 tons in size and are also air defense-guided missile destroyers. 

Therefore, it can be seen that the positioning of the 052E is for The air defense missions carried out in the aircraft carrier battle group can also be carried out in my country’scountry’s ocean waters, so whether the 052E can be unveiled in the future, let us wait and see.

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