What tactics are Hamas using to overcome Israel’s Iron Dome?

Israel’s Iron Dome is an extremely expensive weapon, but also has many fatal weaknesses, and Hamas is taking full advantage of these weaknesses.

The conflict between Israel and Hamas is escalating by the hour. While ground fighting is still predicted to be “imminent”, shelling has been occurring on a daily basis.

Israel Iron dome in action
Israel Iron dome in action

Despite Israel owning the most modern Iron Dome defense system in the world, Hamas is still using many effective tactics to bypass this system.

One of the simplest tactics was to launch rockets and mortars in abundance, with great numbers and dense firepower, to “overload” Tel Aviv’s defenses.

Despite Israel’s pride in this defense system, Hamas has at least caused a lot of damage to Tel Aviv, including damaging facilities as well as causing Israeli casualties.

According to experts, the biggest weakness of the Iron Dome system that Israel is using is that they have a rather complicated and cumbersome interception method.

Specifically, not all enemy rockets and mortar shells will be intercepted by Iron Dome, the Iron Dome system itself will only select potentially dangerous targets, to perform interception.

In the event that the enemy launches many rockets and mortars at the same time, targeting the same area, the Iron Dome system will easily miss the target, because it is impossible to clearly distinguish each enemy target through the system. radar.

In the event that Hamas rockets fly too close to each other, the possibility of missing the target of the Iron Dome is entirely possible, thereby creating a loophole in the system, allowing enemy missiles to enter. by.

One of the other weaknesses of the Iron Dome system Israel is using is that it is too expensive. It is estimated that each bullet of this system costs up to 40,000 USD – equivalent to 3000000 INR.

Meanwhile, the goal of Iron Dome is only mortar or rocket shells, which are very cheap to build, can be used in large numbers, but the cost is certainly lower than Iron Dome.

This means that, if Tel Aviv does not have an effective way to find a way out, the conflict will only drag on and the longer it lasts, the more money the Iron Dome systems will cost to operate, while Effectiveness will hardly be guaranteed in the long run.

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