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Which country won’t affect if US turn off GPS?

In daily life, everyone must be very familiar with this sentence: AutoNavi Maps will continue to navigate for you. Keep going straight on the road ahead. There are illegal photographs 600 meters ahead. Please slow down. In life, if you want to travel by car in a strange place, it is essential to use navigation software to guide you. The most commonly used navigation system in daily use is the GPS global positioning system, which locates targets on the ground equipped with receiving devices through satellites in the sky.

Not only does GPS play a huge role in life, but GPS is also indispensable in the military. The most useful thing about GPS in the military is precision guidance. In recent wars like Afghanistan war, the proportion of the US military using precision-guided missiles and bombs has increased by nearly 100 times compared with that during the Gulf War.

All are rely on GPS guidance. Nowadays, the United States’ GPS positioning system covers 98% of the world’s total. In addition, the United States’ GPS services have always been provided free of charge, which has made many countries dependent on the United States’ GPS. If the US GPS shuts down suddenly, many countries will be affected and get blind immediately. So Which country will not be affected?

GLONASS navigation system
GLONASS navigation system during launch

The first country is Russia. Russia’s own country’s positioning system is called Glonass. The whole system is composed of 24 satellites, and all its functions can be provided by only 18 satellites. GLONASS is also a system that can be applied to the world, so Russia also has the confidence to not rely on the United States’ GPS.

Another country who not gonna effect of GPS shot down is China (biggest rival of USA). Chinese own navigation system called “Beidou”, The construction of the Beidou system is also based on national conditions, and finally a three-step strategy has been formed. In 2020, the construction and deployment of the Beidou system completed half a year ahead of schedule. A total of 55 satellites make the Beidou system’s service scope global, and it has become one of the three suppliers recognized by the United Nations Satellite Navigation Commission.

Beidou navigation system
Beidou navigation system

However compare to other satellite China’s Beidou not so accurate also fall behind in technology, system have total 55 satellite which make Beidou difficult to maintenance.

Next is European Galileo is a global navigation satellite system (GNSS) that went live in 2016,created by the European Union through the European Space Agency (ESA), operated by the European Union Agency for theSpaceProgramme (EUSPA), headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic,with two ground operations centres in Italy, and Germany. The €10 billion project is named after the Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei. One of the aims of Galileo is to provide an independent high-precision positioning system so European nations do not have to rely on the US GPS, or the Russian GLONASS systems, which could be disabled or degraded by their operators at any time. Currently the system have 24 satellite make the system service around the world.

Galileo navigation system
Galileo navigation system

What do you do when you are dependent on a global power, and it ditches you when you need it the most?You decide to become self-reliant. That’s what India did, India creates its own Navigation system “NaviC” but unlike other navigation system NaviC is an Regional Navigation Satellite System With seven satellites, the NavIC covers only India and its surroundings and is considered to be more accurate than the American system.

NaviC Navigation system
NaviC Navigation system

NavIC is technically superior to the American GPS. “While NaviC system has dual frequency (S and L bands). GPS is dependent only on L band.

NavIC is designed to provide accurate position information to users within the country. It help India enter the club of select countries which have their own navigation system.

Navigation system comparison
Navigation system comparison

After all, only if you are strong and strong enough can you be invincible forever and have the right to speak internationally. After all, if you fall behind, you will be beaten.


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