Who shot down the Chinese Su-35 fighter aircraft?

Yesterday in social media there was a rumor Taiwan has shot-down a Chinese Air Force, Russian-origin Su-35 aircraft that supposedly violated its airspace. Multiple videos circulating on social media show a jet, believed to be a Chinese People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) Su-35, immersed in smoke.

But later TAIWAN deny it had shot down a Chinese fighter jet


The Chinese Su-35S fighter jet destroyed less than a day ago was not shot down by Taiwan’s air defences, as initially reported by Chinese, Taiwanese and U.S. media. The data on this issue was officially made public by Taiwan, noting that air defences for the defeat of the Su-35S fighter were not used. This fact may indicate that the aircraft may well have been attacked by the U.S. military, whose warships were spotted off the coast of Taiwan, especially since it was the U.S. side that first claimed that the Su-35S fighter jet was shot down.

Sources are currently at odds with each other, with some reporting an anti-aircraft missile fired from Taiwan, while others point out that no missile launches were recorded, although Chinese Air Force fighter jets were indeed near the island. There is no official comment from Beijing on this issue, but if the United States is really behind the incident, then chinese may retaliate.

The shocking allegations come just weeks after it was reported Beijing was “gearing up” to invade the neighbouring island nation.

At the time, Taiwanese foreign minister Joseph Wu claimed China was sending planes near the country on an almost daily basis.

According to the online claims, the military jet was shot down after it strayed into the Taiwan Strait – some 500 miles from the crash site.

Other reports claimed that a technical malfunction may have been to blame for the apparent crash.

China has not commented on the claims or the video – which shows a large fire next to a building and smoke nearby

Yang, who writes for Global Times hinted that the Chinese military experts believe that Taiwanese officials’ instantaneous rejection is proof that such attempts can provoke China to open fire. Yang wrote – “That’s why Taiwan military officials have to deny the incident as they know how serious this could get if US military aircraft really landed on the island

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