Why did China acquire from Russia only 6 S-400 divisions?

Western countries are already comparing Russian S-400 air defense systems with a Kalashnikov assault rifle in the sense that they are promoting russian missile defense system and very soon it will gain the same popularity in all parts of the world as the legendary assault rifle.

Photo source: Yandex pictures
Photo source: Yandex pictures

Today, one can name a dozen countries that have acquired the S-400 for the needs of their army. The People’s Republic of China was no exception. That’s just bought this country a very modest batch, which amounted to only six S-400 divisions. Such an amount of air defense systems is catastrophically small in order to provide reliable cover for airspace to the vast territories of China, and yet Beijing does not intend to acquire new Russian air defense systems.

Now the main question is – why? Perhaps the reason is that China does not plan to arm its army with Russian anti-aircraft missile systems. Given the fact that this country is a leader in industrial espionage and there are already many examples of how China manufactures world-branded products under its own brands, it can be assumed that the S-400 they acquired will be disassembled for parts and Chinese specialists if they do not repeat them exactly, then, at least, they will be able to gain access to some technologies for the production of this type of weapon. Well, then, already according to the pattern. Chinese arms manufacturers will begin to produce weapons manufactured following the example of the S-400. Of course, the quality of such weapons will leave the best, but the Chinese and it suits.

In the comments, write how much, in your opinion, the chances are that China will try to create its own air defense systems, relying on the Russian S-400. Also write whether it is worth expecting that such fakes will be able to compete with our weapons in the world market.

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