Why do so many Russian super weapons fall into failure?

Many Russian super weapons at the time of their publication made the opponent afraid, but after a while, most of them had problems in the development process and production.

Russian super weapons are a topic that has been exploited a lot by international media in recent years, from modern tanks to 5th generation fighter and many extra ordinary missiles and torpedo, but all have common problem unable to achive the goal what was promised earlier.

According to the reports, Russia is trying to maintain its status as a successful arms dealer, as well as continue to be one of the most powerful military powers in the world. However, the production of modern weapons systems requires a lot of money.

Experts of 19FortyFive media state that Moscow currently does not have enough money to successfully implement its ideas in the field of weapons, which is why many of the latest developments do not achived the goal and failed the test.

Due to Western sanctions imposed on Russia after its annexation of the Crimean Peninsula in 2014, the country began to fall short of funding to modernize its armed forces. As a result, the “best return” formula was adopted, with Russia paying more attention to the development of high-quality “superweapons” that attracted worldwide attention.

Su-57: Russia 5th generation fighter aircraft

However, many of Russia’s famous “military breakthroughs” turned out to be just performances to gain public prestige, Russian superweapons will be far from being able to play a big role in the military force of this country.

An example can be taken in the case of the Su-57, Russia’s fifth-generation stealth fighter that currently only exists one production model, although in the long run it could become a fighterand can play a key role. But due to funding issue its still facing major difficulties like advanced engine and staelth performace.

Similarly, Russia’s new generation T-14 Armata tank may become one of the best tanks in the world, but currently it is constantly being delayed and the deadline for acceptance is pushed back to 2022.

t-14 armata tank
T-14 armata tank

While waiting for the necessary funding, many Russian weapons quietly withdrew into the background. These include the Uran-9 ground robot complex, the Burevestnik nuclear-powered cruise missile and a drone armed with a Kalashnikov assault rifle.

Such single models of weapons have caused shock in the Western media for quite a long time. But due to many flaws, these combat systems are gradually sinking into oblivion.

Before the above comment, the Russian press commented that the assessment of analysts from 19FortyFive magazine about the Su-57 fighter, T-14 tank and Burevestnik missile actually has a part of the truth, but for the organization In the case of Uran-9, they were completely out of information.

In fact, this type of unmanned mini-tank has been received by the Russian Army and its mass delivery will begin next year, after having overcome all the previously revealed shortcomings.

The remaining super weapons are still facing many difficulties, but there is no information that the Russian Defense Ministry has canceled the research and development program.

Therefore, the American magazine 19FortyFive said that it is too hasty to consider that Russian super weapons fall into failure and are forgotten. Only time will tell either Russian will become reality or another failure.

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