Why does Hamas use rockets instead of artillery?

Hamas needs to have barrel artillery. It’s not easy to make door barrel artillery. Israel’s iron dome is mainly aimed at Hamas without the ability to produce barrel artillery. It can only use indigenous rockets and mortars. Tailored for some harassment shooting.

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Why does Hamas use rockets instead of artillery?

It is not easy to produce barrel artillery. It should be said that the production conditions in the liberated areas before liberation are much better than those in the Hamas-controlled areas, but the liberated areas can only produce artillery shells, and artillery can only be obtained through the battlefield.

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The periphery of the Gaza Strip occupied by Hamas is controlled by Israel. All the equipment and materials needed to produce artillery cannot pass through the border controlled by Israel, and artillery cannot be smuggled in. Therefore, Hamas really does not have production and The ability to use a variety of barrel artillery.

Barrel artillery, also often referred to as a cannon, uses gunpowder gas as a source of power. To put it simply, it is a metal tube. The shell and propellant are inserted from the beginning, and then the propellant burns to release a large amount of gas. The gas is used to make the cannonball. Squeeze it out from the other end. According to the length of the barrel and the muzzle velocity of the shell, it was originally divided into howitzers and cannons. Whether it is a howitzer or a cannon, the tube is required to be relatively strong and able to withstand the huge pressure generated by the sudden release of the propellant. This is compared to the material of the artillery barrel. High requirements. There are not many countries that can develop and produce artillery on their own. They are only those few industrialized countries. Obviously there is no Palestine nor Israel.

For example, the reason why Hamas mass produces all kinds of rockets is because the production of artillery barrels is too difficult. If you want to produce artillery by yourself, first of all you need to make steel. There is no place to build steel plants in Gaza, but to produce artillery barrels. It’s even harder to get a blank. For Hamas, it’s better to get ready-made artillery than to get the equipment that produces artillery by itself.

Why does Hamas use rockets instead of artillery?

Why does Hamas use rockets instead of artillery?

Relatively speaking, all kinds of home-made rockets are much easier to produce. The main body of the projectile is seamless steel pipe. This kind of steel pipe is a dual-use product for military and civilian use. It can be bought directly from the market, and it is light in weight and can be easily passed through. The smuggled tunnel was transported into Gaza, and the billet like a gun barrel was stopped by the Israelis at the Gaza border, and could not be transported to Gaza City at all.

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