Why does Putin’s bodyguards always carry a black umbrella?

Do you know? Putin’s bodyguards are divided into as many as four layers of protection system. How does such a strict protection system work, and why do these bodyguards always hold a black umbrella?

Since Boris Yeltsin stepped down as Russian president in 1999 and handed over the position to the young Vladimir Putin, Putin has been a figure of real power in Russia till today, and is called “Putin the Great” by the Russians and the Chinese people. This is because of Putin’s powerful leadership, political iron fist and rich personal charm.

Putin is not as stout and tall as traditional Russians, but everyone say that Putin is a tough guy. As an officer of the KGB, an important intelligence agency in the former Soviet Union, Putin was an excellent agent.

There is no leader in the world who is as skilled as Putin in eight different types of martial arts. He is highly skilled in boxing, judo, and wrestling. He is capable of operating fighter jets, battle tanks, and submarines. Horse riding, diving, skiing, and racing are all his hobbies. However, although Putin is a powerful personality, but as a national leader, he still needs special bodyguard protection.

Putin’s bodyguard system is divided into 4 powerful layers

The outermost layer is the sniper, who ambushes in advance on the roofs and other commanding heights, targeting any suspicious persons.

The 3rd layer has armed bodyguards with powerful guns to stop any suspicious attempts to approach the president.

On the second layer, are bodyguards in plain clothes which keeps an eye on suspicious targets that can try to approach the president at any time from any direction.

The first layer is Putin’s personal bodyguards, usually strong and powerful men, who will do their best to protect Putin’s life in case of any sudden danger.

And no matter how sunny the weather is, the bodyguards will always hold a mysterious black umbrella in their hands, and the world is also very curious to know about the function of this umbrella. Some believe it is an umbrella similar to the one used by the secret agents in movies, carrying a modified light assault rifle, while others say that there is a sharp sword hidden in it, which can be used as a combat weapon at any time in any unwanted situation.

The umbrella used by Putin’s bodyguards is actually bulletproof, so how is this umbrella useful?

Because this mysterious black umbrella is rarely opened, it makes everyone’s think that there are hidden weapons in it. In 2018, Putin encountered rain when he attended the World Cup in Russia, and the bodyguards did not panic. When they opened the black umbrella they were carrying, everyone realized that it was really like an ordinary umbrella.

However, this is not an ordinary umbrella, because it is not only waterproof but also bulletproof. This is because this umbrella is made of Kevlar, a heat-resistant and strong synthetic fiber material, mainly used to make armor for military equipments or body armor for soldiers.

The reason why Kevlar is so powerful is mainly determined by its high strength and low density. Its strength is five times that of steel, but its density is one-fifth of steel. However, the body armor needs to be made very thick. Here it is made into an umbrella, there is only a thin layer, which cannot completely resist the penetration power of bullets, but it can greatly reduce the kinetic energy of bullets and slow down the lethality of bullets to the body.

And because of its good flexibility, it can fully cope with the phenomenon of being cut by a knife. Although this umbrella cannot be completely invulnerable, in general, combined with the protection of bodyguards, it can protect Putin. And because of its light weight, the bodyguards find it very easy to use and carry.

Under normal circumstances, the bodyguards holding an umbrella is not to attract attention, but it can play an unexpected role in the times of danger. But if the bodyguard holds a rifle, it will not only arouse the fear of those who meet Putin, but it is also very dangerous if the gun is fired, and on the other hand the umbrella is simple and elegant, and very decent.

Why does Putin’s bodyguards only hold an umbrella and not a gun? Does this mysterious black umbrella hide murderous intentions in addition to its protective function?

There are always people who have watched secret agent movies and think that the umbrella held by Putin’s bodyguards should not be so simple. They guess that there are guns hidden in them, but in fact, after careful analysis, we can see that it is not necessary, because first of all, the task of bodyguards holding this umbrella is not to attack, but defense.

When a national leader is attacked, the murderer is usually a very inconspicuous image. For a bodyguard, it is very necessary to be able to respond quickly and use his body as a shield to block the bullets. There is no need to use weapons at all at that moment. Retaliation is usually something that happens in an instant and is over.

And catching the murderer is what the bodyguards on the scene need to do. Just when the former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was assassinated, he was shot to death, and the murderer did not resist after reaching his goal, so the firearms would not have much effect, let alone hidden in an umbrella. Moreover, the bulletproof function of the umbrella is very practical, because when the shooting occurs, the bodyguards will generally be unable to protect Putin with their bodies and open the umbrella to prevent bullets at the same time.

And this umbrella is more used to prevent riots, because Putin sometimes appears in some areas with serious political conflicts in Russia. If he is attacked by thugs, he may be thrown with stones, Molotov cocktails, sharp weapons, and even splashed with sulfuric acid. and other chemicals. Umbrellas made of Kevlar can completely protect from these threats.

In addition, this umbrella also has a function of spraying tear gas spray, which can disperse the crowd without harming life when facing the attack of thugs. Especially in response to various protests and demonstrations, if the presidential bodyguards shoot at the crowd, the international media may make a big fuss. This black umbrella can protect Putin’s safety without being offensive. It really increases the power of Putin’s bodyguards.

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