Why hypersonic weapons are more dangerous than ICBM?

Germany’s Die Welt newspaper calls the era of hypersonic weapons a nightmare for European security. The newspaper said that its speed makes its opponents unable to turn around and this will signal a “new spiral of threats”.

The author of the article reminds of the training in the launch of a Russian submarine missile in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk (Bach Hai). Meanwhile, at the US air base in Germany gave the alarm as if there was a real missile attack.

In the opinion of the German newspaper, this case shows that the United States does not rule out the possibility of a missile strike on Europe and is therefore always on alert. At the same time, they acknowledge that due to the speed of the weapon, there is even a risk of “not being alarmed”.

“With the advent of so-called hypersonic weapons up to Mach28, the earlier anti-missile and early warning systems are useless, and time is spent on the opponent’s reactions. is significantly shortened “- commented article.

Analysts at the Center for Foreign Policy in Berlin say hypersonic weapons have the ability to upset the balance of power among nuclear powers and hinder disarmament negotiations.

At the same time, the newspaper explained that Russian President Vladimir Putin does not seem worried about the invention of the United States, because Russia already has an effective means of countering the S-500 Prometheus air defense missile system. and “some improved interceptor missiles”.

Currently, Russia has employed 3M22 Zircon supersonic missiles, Avangard supersonic warheads, new RS-28 Sarmat intercontinental missiles … In addition to Zircon has a speed below Mach10, the remaining weapons have machin speed. 20, even Mach 28.

Therefore, their flight time when launched from mainland Russia to the US takes less than 20 minutes, and if from submarines, only a few minutes. As such, the time it takes for US missile defense systems to detect and block is not enough. If it was in Europe, it was not even understood what happened.

Furthermore, the new generation of hypersonic weapons like the Avangard also have other unique properties that make intercepting them “mission impossible”.

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