Why India Cant Used S-400 Defence System Against China

Amid growing tension in bilateral relations with Beijing, India gave an explanation why the S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems purchased from Russia cannot be used against China!

Moreover, in India, as a whole, they told what consequences the purchase of the S-400 from Russia will lead to, while recognizing our best anti-aircraft missile system.

I’m very, especially when you understand that in this particular case these are more political “intrigues” that are being promoted by our “partners” from overseas in order to force Delhi to refuse this purchase and generally compromise our S-400 air defense systems, under the pretext the fact that our complexes and missiles included in it allegedly use Chinese electronics!

Now more than sure that many are not only surprised, but also intrigued. And therefore, I propose to start with the details of what happened!

So, quite a popular Indian edition of “The Week “published a material in which a statement was made by a prominent opposition politician Subramanyanu Swami on his page on the social network” Twitter “. In which he explains and advises the Government of India, in particular Prime Minister Narendra Modi, why you can not use the S-400 against China, and as an explanation of why it is so, the Indian politician claims that the Russian S-400 air defense system and the missiles included in its armament range use Chinese electronics!

At the same time, the Indian politician in his message states that – “Russia today is China’s junior partner”! Thus, continuing to defend their views on the purchase of our weapons, and to promote the pro-Western line!

Moreover, according to the published material by the Indian publication, it follows that earlier, this politician has repeatedly opposed the purchase of S-400 air defense systems from Russia, warning that this purchase will lead to serious consequences in the form of US sanctions that will become for the economy India a very serious blow, as well as the fact that our complexes will not be effective in confrontation with Pakistan, only because our air defense systems have built-in elements of electronic equipment made in China!

Also, as the authors of the published material note, the Indian MP from the BJP party (Bharatiya Janata Parti) is not the first time making statements of this kind. Actively urging to refuse to purchase S-400 air defense systems from Russia, for the simple reason that it is the use of Chinese electronics in our missiles and other military equipment that can at any time, in the event of a confrontation with China, fail or completely fail!

And at the same time, as the authors of the published material note, the Indian politician admits that our air defense systems are the best in the world today!

What can I say?

A rather curious and very interesting statement from which we see that not only in the USA are opposed to the purchase of India S-400 from Russia, but in India itself there are representatives who are also against it, but at the same time recognize that our complexes are the best in the world !

Of course, on the one hand, Indian politics can be understood, especially against the backdrop of recent US statements that allegedly Chinese chips have built-in chips that allow you to remotely control all the equipment in which they are built!

And then you have to admit and agree that this is quite possible, especially now when Russia uses foreign electronics to create a number of weapons, because our industry was deliberately withdrawn from the “machinations” of our “partners” during the 90s system! Which in turn led to the fact that now our country has to purchase a number of electronic components from abroad.

Collage of my view of what is happening!

But on the other hand, one must understand that this Indian politician is known for having close relations with the United States, which began during the “state of emergency” in India, which lasted from 1975 to 1977. Then he was hiding from the Indian “regime” in the United States of America and it was during this period that he began to lead his active political life as an opposition politician, the current regime of India and was considered an ardent opponent of Indira Gandhi! Which suggests the idea that now he simply pushes the interests of our “partners” and nothing more!

Why do I think so?

The fact is that in Russia, like in any other country with a developed defense industry, there are whole institutions that work to identify precisely such points as built-in chips or algorithms in order to protect themselves. Which, in turn, suggests that theoretically there can be no built-in extraneous chips other than ours in weapons like S-400. Moreover, the S-400 air defense system, as stated earlier, is built entirely on domestic elements!

Which in turn makes it clear that this statement is simply a political “intrigue” aimed at earning political points in anticipation of the upcoming elections in India. Well, or as an option, simply as an element of comprehensive pressure on the leadership of India in order to force them to refuse to purchase S-400! Where the second is more likely than the first! Since the mention of close cooperation between Russia and China, against the background of growing tension between Delhi and Beijing, this is precisely what very clearly emphasizes!

On the other hand, we must understand that the pressure on India from the United States on the purchase of S-400 from Russia is only just beginning. Where, in spite of the statement not to go into other people’s conflicts, Washington will use all the opportunities to advance its interests, including the favorite and tried-and-tested way, to attract the opposition to this.

That is, in simple words, the explanation given by the Indian politician, taking into account the existing close ties with the United States, as well as the promoted pro-Western political views, it is safe to say that it, the explanation, is a kind of pressure exerted on the government of India in order to make it refuse from procurement and even possible cooperation with Russia in the field of military-technical cooperation and nothing more!

In the end, I note that now, using the example of this explanation, we are observing how our S-400 is trying to “compromise” by all possible means, stating that our missiles allegedly use Chinese electronics. And without giving a single evidence to this explanation!

Which in turn once again shows the whole world that our anti-aircraft missile systems are the best in the world. Where is the attempt to “attribute” to them China simply emphasizes that now our “partners” understand that in reality they cannot refute the advantage of the S-400 and therefore began to resort to the already traditional methods of unfair competition. Where, by translating the issue into the political sphere, they discover more opportunities for themselves to “compromise” our complexes and perhaps put more pressure on the Indian government. And nothing more.

And the most interesting thing is that the official leadership of India, in turn, has repeatedly appealed to Russia with a request to expedite the delivery of S-400, which is necessary to ensure their safety! And this, taking into account the fact that Delhi is considered a very demanding customer, who first buy something, will learn everything to the smallest detail. Showing the whole world that these explanations that our complexes cannot be used against China have no basis! Which in turn once again shows the whole world the fact that the S-400 air defense systems are considered the best in the world!

source :https://zen.yandex.ru/media/chedelovoi/v-indii-obiasnili-pochemu-s400-nelzia-ispolzovat-protiv-kitaia-5ee5e4f9c64be97c15fe69ae


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