Why is Moscow the safest place if a nuclear war breaks out?

In the event of a nuclear attack, Moscow’s missile defense system is recognized as the most effective in the world. This is an opinion given by military experts of the US magazine National Interest.

The basis for the above statement is the modernization of the missile defense system in Moscow, which the media calls the system A-235 Nudol. The new missile defense system is being improved based on the experience of missile defense systems from the former Soviet Union.

Nudol A-235

During the Cold War, the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty allowed the Soviet Union to build the A-135 missile defense system with the purpose of defending Moscow. Then the Soviet army quickly built four missile stations around its capital.

In theory, the enemy’s intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) would be destroyed when approaching the range of a defensive missile, the missile would be destroyed outside the atmosphere to reduce the impact of the missile. atomic gas. Work on installing the A-135 missile defense system around Moscow began in the 1950s.

A-135 missile defense system
A-135 missile defense system

After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Russia continued to upgrade this defense system with the latest update, the A-235 Nudol complex. The new system addresses the shortcomings of the previous generation of missile defense systems around Moscow.

The A-235 Nudol is a modern Russian anti-ballistic missile system and anti-satellite weapon under development. The new system will replace the current system, the A-135. The two main differences are that the A-235 will be able to use conventional warheads and the system is maneuverable.

The A-235 missile defense system will use the Don-2N radar and the Don 2NP/5N20P long-range radar with upgraded software and hardware; The navigation system of the A-235 complex will be similar to the existing A-135 system. The A-235 when deployed can be equipped with a nuclear warhead that greatly increases its ability to destroy incoming warheads.

DON-2N anti ballistic radar
DON-2N anti ballistic radar

The A-235 anti-ballistic missile system is located at the Plesetsk Cosmodrome. A-235 includes 3 versions,

  • Long-range system capable of destroying targets at a distance of up to 1,500 km, at an altitude of 800 km;
  • Medium range capable of destroying targets at a distance of 1,000 km, at an altitude of 120 km;
  • Short range capable of destroying targets at a distance of 350 km, at an altitude of 40 km.

Test and combat training of the A-235 missile system were scheduled to begin in 2013. At that time, military experts did not point out any fundamental differences. between the A-235 and the earlier A-135 missile defense system.

On November 18, 2015, the first successful launch of the Nudol rocket and the third launch in the missile test program took place. The site of deployment of the A-235 missile defense system is the former base of the A-135 missile defense system near Moscow.

Transporter for 51T6 missiles
Transporter for 51T6 missiles

Commander of the Air Defense and Missile Defense Service, Major General Sergei Grabchuk, said that the modernization of the second generation A-135 system will increase the reliability and safe operation of missile defense systems. fire, while increasing both the scope and height of the country’s defense.

According to the plan, the new generation missile defense system modernized in 2022 will be equipped with extremely high-speed defense missiles with a speed of more than 5.5 km / s. The missile has a payload of up to 200 tons, allowing it to maneuver in flight and intercept existing and future weapons.

In addition, according to the American magazine, there are reports on the development of long-range mobile interceptors that penetrate the Earth’s atmosphere. According to the media, the A-235 Nudol defensive missile will be used as the main means of striking the target.

In April this year, at the test site in Kazakhstan, a missile of the A-235 anti-missile defense system was successfully launched. According to the press service of the Ministry of Defense, the interceptor missile has confirmed its inherent characteristics, the combat crews have successfully completed the task, hitting the conditional target with the specified accuracy. Image source: Damblev.

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