Why is the US worried about supplying ATACMS missiles in the hands of the Ukrainian Army?

Not only Russia, but the US itself is worried about ATACMS missiles in the hands of the Ukrainian Army at this time, so Washington has not agreed to transfer them.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are continuously demanding the United States to provide them with ATACMS Missiles, calling them the key to victory. But the Biden administration is concerned and careful and has refused to supply these advanced weapons to Ukraine.

Not only can the ATACMS missiles can strike large formations of Russian Army, but the ATACMS Missile is also capable of attacking targets deep inside crimea and Russia. American President Joe Biden has said that he does not want the ongoing Russia-Ukraine War to escalate further.

Developed by the Defence Giant Lockheed Martin, the ATACMS is a long-range guided missile capable of hitting targets far beyond the reach of the guided rockets and artillery shells.

The first use of the ATACMS in combat was during Operation Desert Storm in 1991, in which a total 32 of the missiles were fired from the M270 MLRS.

During Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003, more than 450 missiles were fired. As of early 2015, over 560 ATACMS missiles had been fired in combat.

ATACMS missiles can be launched from HIMARS and M270 MLRS.

ATACMS Missiles are battle proven weapon systems, they have been used in the Persian Gulf War, Iraq War, war in afghanistan, etc.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces operates both the M270 and HIMARS Rocket Artillery Systems. The ATACMS missiles can be used on both of these systems, but the problem remains where such missiles can “land”.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces said this weapon is very urgently needed. They can use this weapon to take back crimea from the Russian Armed Forces. But the Pentagon said that the guided munitions supplied to Ukraine are sufficient to meet Ukrainian Army current needs.

There are several concern about Ukraine being may use ATACMS against targets that Washington considers “out of bounds” such as targets deep inside russia.

For reassuring usa, Ukraine even provided the United States with a complete list of potential targets, but kiev efforts have yet to bear fruits.

There are also repeated reports saying that HIMARS and other associated equipments are currently enough to meet all of Ukraine requirements.

Washington thinks that the supply of long-range precision-guided strike weapon systems to Ukraine such as the ATACMS, will escalate this war.

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