Why MiG-29 aircraft is not good for long-range combat

  • ‘MiG-29 has poor situational awareness, difficult long-range combat’
  • Although the MiG-29 is capable of maneuver quite well, according to the American pilot, this Soviet-made fighter still has many disadvantages.

The National Interest newspaper quoted retired pilot of the US Air Force Guy Raiser as saying when he had experienced the ability of the MiG-29 when directly controlling this fighter line of the Third Air Force. Lan in 2001.

Guy Raiser was one of the few American pilots to fly a MiG-29 during a Polish pilot training flight when the Baltic nation officially joined the NATO military alliance in 1999.

Polish Air Force MiG-29 fighter
Polish Air Force MiG-29 fighter

“The aircraft is capable of maneuver very well but also consumes a lot of fuel. Along with that, the Soviet-made fighter line lacks the ability to perceive situations when operating in chaotic environments (urban or forest mountain) “, Guy Raiser said.

The American pilot added that because of the disadvantage of consuming too much fuel, the MiG-29 could not perform long-range combat missions like fighters of the same generation in the world.

This is the reason why MiG-29 can never be considered a rival of the US F-15E fighter. To make his judgment more convincing, the US pilot cited the downing of the MiG-29 fighter jet MiG-29 in Iraq “Desert Storm” in Iraq.

During this campaign, US Navy Navy Pilot Lieutenant Charles Magill, commanding the army of eight F-15 fighters with the task of intercepting the air, protecting attack aircraft entering Iraqi airspace to destroy Destroy ground targets.

At that time they received a dangerous announcement of the early warning aircraft and the E-3 Sentry air command that: There are two MiG-29 Fulcrum fighters near the target area.

Captain Magill decided to drag 3 F-15s with him to kill the threat, the remaining 4 F-15s behind the scene, guarding.

USAF F-15E Strike Eagle
USAF F-15E Strike Eagle

With a 4-on-2 ratio, especially when the 4-on-15 F-15 squad is in the air with the opponent’s MiG-29s, is clearly too good an advantage.

But the F-15s have been misled. As they prepare to pursue MiG, suddenly the ground shakes its movement, a series of anti-aircraft missiles massively flew up. They all competed against each other against American fighters.

American pilots were ordered to dispose of the spare oil tank and maneuver to avoid bullets. They used heat traps, repeatedly turned sharply to cut the missile’s stern, and they finally escaped, avoiding all of the incoming anti-aircraft missiles.

As a result, the sky became safe again for American pilots, with the exception of two MiG-29s each that had just played pranks on them. The American pilots decided to continue the hunt.

As they approached, the MiG fighters suddenly turned to confront the pilots of the US Naval Air Force and Air Force, causing the US pilots to think that the MiG-29 was preparing for a fierce battle.

Video] Former USAF F-15 Pilot Tells the Story of an Intense Dogfight he had  against an Iraqi MiG-29 during Operation Desert Storm – The Aviation Geek  Club

But no, the Iraqi MiG-29s made a sharp turn, choosing an F-14 – a single carrier fighter to attack. It was this mistake that gave the F-15 the opportunity.

Pilot Magill fired almost immediately after Air Force Captain Rhory Draeger. Magill worried that her first missile lost control, fired the next one.

Draeger’s first missile was pinned directly to the Iraqi MiG-29, while two of Magill’s missiles were controlled. The first one exploded on the right flank of the Iraqi Mi-29, while the second one flew directly into the center of the fireball that just exploded and exploded.

The skies were once again safe for the raid to destroy Iraq’s ground targets smoothly and Operation Desert Storm continued.

Despite defeating the MiG-29 quite easily, the military believes that, if not based on the majority (8 F-15s versus 2 MiG-29s), the chances of victory for the F-15 are much lower. If not, the American fighter might still be shot down.

Because along with the Su-27, the MiG-29 is considered a legendary fighter line created by the Soviet Union, it can make any air force not want to fight.

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  1. Mig-29 requires a lot of fuel – TRUE MiG-29 lacks flight range – TRUE Mig-29 lacks situational awareness NOT TRUE Mig-29 is flown by pilots with the aptitude and not the ones who rely totally on avionics and computers to perform basic calculations, like 12+14=26

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