Why the Russian Army is using 1950s era S-60 anti-aircraft cannons in Ukraine War?

The classic S-60 57mm anti-aircraft gun had to replace the role of Russia’s 2S38 Derivatsiya-PVO multi-purpose anti-aircraft artillery complex on the Ukrainian Battlefield. But what are the reasons behind this?

Military Analysts says that the main reason because of which the Armed Forces of Russia has to use old S-60 Anti-aircraft guns in Ukraine, is that the russians are facing difficulties in making the 2S38 multi-role anti-aircraft gun systems.

The images of Russian Soldiers armed with S-60 anti-aircraft cannons mounted on the Ural truck body to equipped with reserve units of the Russian Army participating in the war in Ukraine surprised media, because this is way only backward Armed Forces generally use.

Shooting with the S-60 cannon when it is self-propelled is still completely manual, it only improves the mobility of the weapon while the accuracy is difficult to guarantee.

It seems like the Russians are not using the S-60s in their original anti-aircraft role but as indirect-fire artillery. In this role they are reported to have an effective range of 6.1km.

The 2S38 multi-role anti-aircraft gun systems is one of the most unusual weapons designed by Russia in recent times, this new weapon system uses the chassis of a BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicle and mounts a 57mm caliber cannon with a rate of fire of 120 rounds per minute upto the range of 6 kilometers, and a ceiling of 4.5 km.

2S38 anti-aircraft gun systems has the role of protecting front-line motorized infantry units and airborne landing units. Many military experts expects the 2S38 to replace several old soviet-era anti-aircraft guns currently in use with the Russian Armed Forces.

The 2S38 multi-role anti-aircraft gun systems cannot reach the High level to attack fighter jets and bombers but it poses a deadly threat to combat helicopters and UAVs.

This new russian anti aircraft gun system can even shot down incoming cruise missiles, high precision aviation weapons and most importantly it can easily destroy small aerial targets such as drones like Bayraktar TB-2.

The 2S38 uses the S-60 cannons developed in the 1940s, but thanks to the newly developed smart ammunition, it makes this air defense system more dangerous.

The control system of the 2S38 calculates the flight direction of this advanced projectile, as well as determine its detonation thanks to an electronic time fuzer that is installed on each projectile.

Even more interesting is a smart projectile which is currently under-development, this projectile can be maneuvered with the help of rocket like folding wings, aided by a built-in laser targeting system.

In addition to its anti-aircraft role function, the 2S38 can also fight lightly armoured vehicles and other ground targets such as enemy infantry groups.

Overall, one thing is clear that this advanced anti-aircraft warmachine is currently in the same situation like the T-14 Armata Tank, that is, only few production varient are built till now, and Russia is not able to launch mass production of these systems.

That is why Russian Soldiers has been forced to use old vintage 1950s era S-60 anti-aircraft cannons mounted on the Ural truck body.

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