Why the Russian S-400 still avoids confrontation with the Israeli F-35 in Syria?

The international press continues to discuss the deployment of Russia’s S-400 Triumf long-range air defense missile system in Syria and its role.

At the same time, military experts raised this issue often do not understand the nature of weapons and do not even understand exactly what these air defense systems are for and what these systems are doing in  Syrian Arab conflicts are even this system protecting against upcoming attacks or not.

An article published in Greek media on the S-400 air defense system which is deployed in Syria. Journalist Panayotis Nastos titled his article: “Why is the S-400 air defense systems still the audience when Israel attacks Iranian targets in Syria”?

It seems that only one question is enough to answer this question: “Because the S-400 has been transferred to Syria to protect Russian military facilities in this country”. But Nastos publishes many documents, in which he talks about Israeli airstrikes against the Iranian Army and pro-Iran armed groups.

“The famous Russian S-400 air defense missile systems based in Syria have never responded to these attacks. Why?” – Articles asking questions.

Why did the Russian S-400 fight Israel's F-35 fight in Syria?
The Russian S-400 Triumf long-range air defense missile system is deployed at Hmeimim airbase.

This is “to avoid confrontation between the Israeli Air Force’s F-35 fighter jets and the Russian S-400 air defense system,” the author said in the article.

According to Panayotis Nastos, “on the contrary, this allows the Russian and US defense industries to secure the sale of weapons and military equipment to third countries on the world market”.

The message is that if Russia uses the S-400 against the F-35, the fifth-generation fighter will be destroyed, or the S-400 air defense system itself will be shot back.

N astos stated that this is “the primary answer to the question of why the S-400 is not being used against Israeli aircraft”.

At the same time, the Greek journalist did not write a word about the fact that the tasks for the S-400 air defense system of the Russian Armed Forces stationed at Hmeimim base originally did not include the protection of Iranian soldiers. and pro-Iranian forces in Syria from Israeli airstrikes.

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