Will Indonesia choose French Rafale over Russian Su-35?

In recent months, Indonesia has been unable to decide which fighter aircraft to buy for its air force needs. It is necessary to reiterate in the early spring of 2020 that the Indonesian press after consulting sources from inside the Ministry of Defense said that Jakarta would formally sign a contract to buy a Russian Su-35 but then decided. Has been postponed.

At the same time, the Bloomberg news agency citing sources in the US President Donald Trump’s administration said that Indonesia had announced that it would no longer buy the Su-35 fighter.

Russian Su-35 fighter aircraft
Russian Su-35 fighter aircraft

Most respondents stated that US pressure was the main reason for the hasty decision. We are talking about a sanctions package under the CAATSA Act that Washington threatens to impose on all countries cooperating with Russia technically and militarily, and Indonesia is no exception.

However, a few months later, Jakarta again announced that it was ready to discuss the possibility of signing a contract for the procurement of the Su-35.

Rafale fighter aircraft
Rafale fighter aircraft

However, according to a new announcement from Indonesia, following the Washington official’s statement, the sanctions “can be imposed on countries that buy Russian rusted weapons” (This is the Assistant Secretary of State. The US on Clark Cooper’s military-political issues) forced Jakarta to rethink.

Now, the country’s media quoted senior officials saying that Indonesia was “ready to buy French Rafale fighters as an alternative”. That has led to a positive reaction, according to the Western press, producer Dassault immediately declared ready to expand production.

But what is interesting is the following detail: journalists asked representatives of the Dassault Group if Indonesia can pay for a potential contract with palm oil?

The French company representative could not answer this question, expressing his apparent bewilderment and thinking it was a joke.

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