Yemeni rebels shot down Chinese CH-4 attack drone

Ansar Allah (Houthi) force has just announced that it shot down a Saudi Arabian strike drone (UCAV) CH4 inside Yemen airspace.

The attack occurred on December 21 when the aircraft was conducting reconnaissance of Houthi’s target and preparing to launch an attack missile in Marib province. But before the attack, the plane was discovered and attacked by anti-aircraft gunmen.

This information also coincides with the 5th time that a Chinese-made drone attack plane belonging to the Saudi army has been shot down in Yemen since 2017 to present with old-generation cannons.“Our gunmen detected the enemy lurking in the air and attacked using the anti-aircraft artillery system on the truck. The precise shots caused the plane to fall shortly thereafter. We just discovered this is a Saudi Arabia CH4, “a Houthi commander said in a statement.

Saudi Arabia CH-4 attack drone
Saudi Arabia CH-4 attack drone

Along with being easily defeated on the battlefield, this fighting machine while operating in the Saudi army also continued to present unfortunately mistaken attacks on civilians.

At the end of 2017, another CH4 hit the wedding car in Yemen, killing at least 12 women. AMN cited witnesses and local health officials as saying the incident took place on the road leading to a village in Marib province, about 170 kilometers from the capital Sana’a.

Also in 2017, a serious mistaken attack also occurred against a funeral in Shiraa village, Arhab district, 40 kilometers north of the country’s capital Sana’a.

This attack left at least 8 women and 1 child dead. The air raid also seriously injured more than 10 other people. The house where the funeral was being raided has been completely destroyed, and a series of houses nearby are also damaged.

According to statistics from the Middle East website AMN, since 2017, there have been more than 100 Yemeni civilians who have died unjustly because of the CH4’s mistaken attacks.

“The poor performance of this drone is making Saudi Arabia pay the price for its low-cost weapon purchase decision,” said Colonel Joseph Scrocca, of the US Marine Corps.

According to this commander, not only buy CH4, but Saudi also conducts production of this Chinese UCAV line in the form of cooperation in technology transfer.

Colonel Joseph Scrocca said Beijing’s contract to produce CH4 in Saudi Arabia is not only a matter of profitability, but Beijing is looking to strengthen its influence in the Middle East with weapons.

The colonel said, to squeeze into what is considered the traditional weapons market of the US and Israel, China is ready to provide low-cost UAVs, accompanying attack weapons without any conditions. with the country you want to buy.

Currently, Iraq, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia are relatively new customers to buy these high-tech weapons from China, while the world worries they will increasingly be. Use and contribute to the heat of this war hot spot.

The problem is that, unlike the US and many other countries, China has not joined the International Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), so it can freely export UAVs and related technology. American arms corporations want to maintain their technological advantage by selling high-priced products, not selling or transferring technology.

Meanwhile, China is doing the opposite: Selling cheaply, and willing to transfer technology or cooperate in manufacturing UAVs with countries in need. While each US Reaper sells for 30 million USD, China only sells CH4 for 1 million USD / unit.

“With its cost advantages and no political constraints, Chinese drones are appearing more and more in places that are traditionally American. However, buying decisions are taking place. costing these customers, “said the US colonel.

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